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Sean Lynch

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"Pauline is an intelligent consultant with a broad knowledge of environmental management issues in Canada. She is thorough and insightful in her research, enabling her to identify the essence of a problem and provide effective options or approaches in her work."

Candace Anderson
Senior Policy Analyst, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency


"Pauline is a highly organized, focused and knowledgeable person. She understands the most important concepts of conservation and she can make them come alive for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She is a progressive thinker and a delight to work with. Pauline is one of Ottawa Riverkeeper's outstanding volunteers."

Meredith Brown
Riverkeeper and Executive Director, Ottawa Riverkeeper

"My experience with Lynch-Stewart & Associates Environmental Consultants has been very positive. I’ve engaged them to develop communications materials for programs related to species at risk and agri-environmental stewardship. In both cases, Pauline and her associates worked closely with us to clarify and refine the deliverables at each stage. They demonstrated a high level of competency and professionalism in the planning and execution of the projects. They also brought to bear subject matter expertise that enhanced the final products. In my experience, they offer a rare and valuable combination of strong people skills, project management expertise, and in-depth scientific knowledge and understanding."

Colleen Hyslop
Senior International Policy Advisor, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

"I have always admired Pauline for her enthusiasm and unique talents that have achieved consensus and launched many programs within the conservation community. The consistent high quality of her work, as well as her interpersonal skills, ability to synthesize issues, and personal charm have all made her a sought-after colleague. Her reputation – from publishing milestone reports to managing programs and bringing different resource interests together – has made her a key player within the conservation community."

David Neave
President, Wren Resources Inc.
Former Executive Director, Wildlife Habitat Canada

"You seldom meet a more reliable and thoughtful person. I have worked with Pauline for 25 years on a variety of key projects to promote awareness of wetland conservation science, policy and management in Canada and internationally. I have depended on her guidance in developing training course materials, managing national consultations, and facilitating national workshops and conferences. She is a highly dependable colleague and ensures quality in all aspects of the results we need."

Clayton Rubec
Senior Policy Advisor, Environment Canada
Associate Director, Canada-Iraq Marshlands Initiative, University of Waterloo


"Pauline Lynch-Stewart has an extensive consulting and government background in natural resources management, particularly in the fields of land use change research, state of the environment reporting, and wetland policy development. In her work, she is perceptive and sensitive to the needs of clients, forward thinking in her approach, an excellent communicator, and consistently produces exceptional products."

Paul C. Rump
Former Director, State of Environment Reporting, Environment Canada


"On behalf of the CCEA Guidebook Committee, thank you for bringing this project to a successful conclusion. We appreciated your interest in the issue, your attention to detail, and consistent effort above and beyond the original terms of reference. There were complex discussions, tricky negotiations and numerous interactions with the various stakeholders that you skillfully coordinated...this document is a major step forward in bringing clarity to this topic of national importance."

Tony Turner
Past Chair, Canadian Council on Ecological Areas,
Program Advisor, Environment and Sustainable Development, GeoConnections, Natural Resources Canada


"I have known Pauline for over twenty years and have had the distinct pleasure of working with her as a colleague as well as most recently working together with her as a peer. She has always impressed me with her professionalism as well as with her depth of technical and regulatory knowledge. I am always blown away by her communications skills and her ability to deal with people in meetings as well as in public forums. I would highly recommend her and look forward to the chance of working together again."

Robert van Wyngaarden
Principal, GGIS (GeoGraphic Information Services), Golder Associates Ltd.

"Pauline has been involved in various national and regional environmental programs, and has conducted interdisciplinary studies involving data collection, research, assessments and policy development. The studies have covered fairly complex sets of socio-economic and environmental considerations, and public issues such as acid rain, state of the environment and habitat reporting, and wetland conservation. Over her career, she has continued to be innovative, thorough, and well-organized."

Ed Wiken
Scientist Emeritus, Wildlife Habitat Canada
Past Chair, Canadian Council on Ecological Areas
Former Director, State of Environment Reporting, Environment Canada


"Pauline has donated her time and skills to Ottawa Riverkeeper for over three years. She is a key player of our Public Outreach Committee which initiated and directs a new youth program - River Friends. Pauline always kept the team on track with her project management skills and she always brings fresh and innovative ideas to our brainstorming sessions. Thanks Pauline, we could not have completed this project without you!"

Delphine Hasle
Director of Outreach, Ottawa Riverkeeper